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All Media mostly are coming from external sources, I upload here for entertainment purposes only without disregard copyrights. I attribute the first author's link (by showing the source) where I found the first time on internet. You can contribute your lol diaries to this blogs also by contact me through Email. 
If you ask me why I use domain .eu because I want there's balancing among domain names which now handled by few giant domain names (.com, .org, .net etc). In fact I respect  .eu by not inserting ridiculous popunder, interstitial ads, massive redirects, misleading ads or other annoying ads. I upload contents to stimulate other MeMe creator sharing their "serious jokes" to this Blog meanwhile i promote my free ads group.

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πŸ˜† Source = My own creative
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                                🌱 Repost

      🌱 Source & Repost

                     πŸŒ± Source & Repost

🌱 Source

The most precise landing in this century
              🌱 Source & Repost

Escape from Qua-Rantine City

                                🌱 Source

Because many scammer use this moment to scam people, we have statement!
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